Which is Better? Working at the Office or Working from Home? - 24 March 2015

In 2013, a memo from Yahoo’s Human Resources department was sent all Yahoo employees, banning remote working; “Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings”. Virgin’s Richard Branson, however, was quick to voice his disagreement with Yahoo’s actions, calling it a “backwards step in an age when remote working is easier and more effective than ever.” And a year later, in 2014, the

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Office Etiquette - What Not to do in the Workplace - 26 February 2015

Office culture across the country tends to be very similar from company to company. For people whose lives revolve around office life, we know that an unhappy office can be very destructive and demotivating environment to work in. While we all have our individual quirks and things that make our blood-boil, there are triggers that universally create a hostile atmosphere within any workplace. Co-workers may not always realise what they are doing is actually disrupting

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Bad Day at the Office? 20 Quotes to Motivate You - 13 January 2015

Everyone needs some motivation once in a while. Bookmark this page, and when you (or a colleague) are in need of a little motivation, #BeInspired by this list of encouraging quotes. 1. It’s easy to disregard something that seems difficult as ‘impossible’, but remember that everyone starts at the beginning. It might seem impossible now, but if you practice, work hard and face the challenge head-on, you may find that it’s not actually ‘impossible’ at

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10 Healthy Office Lunch Ideas (Infographic) - 07 November 2014

Working a 9-5 office job can leave you playing out the same routine, day in day out. This also affects your lunch time with many of us opting for the easier option of grabbing something quick (and more often than not, something unhealthy). Eating healthily at lunch unfortunately is often associated with negative connotations such as too time consuming and costs too much money. But with the right know-how and plan of action, you too

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Successful People: 12 Things They Do Before Sleep - 02 October 2014

Are you a person that has a bedtime routine, such as watching TV, browsing the web or just generally going to bed late? Have you ever considered that what you do now might be detrimental to the way you perform the next day, for whatever task you have to complete? Having a good bedtime routine is a great way to make sure you are ready for the next day ahead. If you are more prepared,

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30 of the Best Sarcastic and Passive-Aggressive Office Signs - 14 September 2014

Funny, annoying or cringe-worthy? Working as part of a large office team can cause a bit of tension now and then, but is a passive-aggressive or sarcastic sign really the answer?  Here’s thirty of the best (and most hilarious) office signs that we could find, although in some of these cases, we think they may have gone a bit too far… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

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Let’s Play Office Bingo! - 05 August 2014

Working in an office environment can be quite taxing if you don’t take regular breaks. It is recommended that you take a 5 to 10 minute break every hour to help you recharge in order to keep you focused on the job in hand. Over indulging yourself in your work can make the task seem unclear and clouded if you don’t take the time to simply do something else for a brief period. That’s why

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The Ergonomics of a Chair Explained - 09 July 2014

You may or may not be aware of the serious health implications of prolonged sitting, and why this is a cause for concern for all of us who spend 30+ hours sitting at our work desks every single week. Sitting down causes a number of stresses in our bodies, especially our spines, and this has recently begun to be more recognised by health professionals, and is the main reason for the sudden boom of ergonomic

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How to survive your first day at the office (infographic) - 24 June 2014

We've all been there. That dreaded first day at the office. Of course, everyone gets nervous on their first day at any job, but offices in particular can appear to be extremely ‘grown-up’ and scary (or perhaps that’s just us?). As a newbie, it can be difficult to know what to expect, and although everyone else appreciates that you’re new and might take a while to get into the swing of things, nobody wants to

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How to relieve stress in the workplace - 06 June 2014

We Brits are hard workers. So much so, that in 2011 BUPA discovered that only 30% of employees take a recommended hour break, and more than a third experienced pressure from their managers to work though their lunches (read more here). But the overworked can quickly become stressed, and excessive stress can interfere with productivity and (more importantly) your physical and emotional health. The problem is, many of us are in self-denial about how stressed

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Are the benefits of the paperless office REALLY beneficial? - 09 May 2014

The paperless office: a prediction so obvious it’s a wonder that people are actually still debating the topic. Of course the paperless is on the rise, not because of environmental and ‘green’ concerns, but simply because technology has evolved in a such a way that it’s far more efficient and quicker to conduct business electronically. In the same way that we have left behind written postcards and letters for email and text, we have naturally

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38 Office Accessories to Bring a Smile to Your Working Day - 14 April 2014

Let’s face it, your office is pretty much like your second home. 1. Log Pen Storage/iPad Dock Be in touch with nature (sort of) with this handmade, unique docking system, £39.77+, Etsy 2. AR Basketball App Mug This augmented reality app is great for passing time on your coffee break. Simply download the free app and point your device at the stamp on the mug to play! £4.95, Red5 3. Floppy Disk Sticky Notes Remember

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Deadly Desk Jobs: Stop sitting down from 9am-5pm everyday - 03 April 2014

Deadly Desk Jobs A lot of us who work desk jobs, sit down for at least 8 hours a day – that’s 40 hours a week. We’re not stupid though, right? We’re all aware that this is pretty bad news for our health, but do we know just how bad it is...? “If you’ve been sitting for 30 minutes or more you’ve been sitting too long,” warns physical activity expert David Dunstan. Here’s just a

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Who Tweeted This? Quiz. Happy Birthday Twitter - 21 March 2014

Back in 2006, Twitter was just bursting onto the social media scene with its original 140 character limit, allowing users to chat within small groups of people. Fast forward today, Twitter boasts 560 million active users, 5,700 tweets every second and a way for all fans alike to see inside the lives of their favourite celebrities and brands. With so many daily tweets, many can get lost in the sea of 140 character updates, so

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12 World Records You Can Break In Your Lunch Hour - 10 March 2014

Lunch breaks are the saviour of the working day. For one wonderful hour every day, we can stop thinking about deadlines and targets, and use the time instead to grab a bite to eat, read some news, and watch funny videos about cats on YouTube (guilty!). However, in 2011 BUPA discovered that only 30% of employees take an hour for lunch, even though a minimum of 20 minutes rest is a legal requirement for those

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