The 3 Best Office Chairs For The Larger User

There is no doubt about it. People are getting larger. Industrialisation and modernisation of our daily lives has played a huge factor in the increase of weight from person to person. Many of us live sedentary lives (20 million people in the UK are physically inactive) and this is highly influenced by the way we work.

Unfortunately, sitting for long periods is just what some of us have to do. Desk jobs require us to sit around 40 hours a week. This can take it’s toll on our health, from putting on weight to inducing back pain.

While there are many aspects of our lives we can change to help improve our health, sitting for extended periods just isn’t one of them. Whether you’re a Sales Executive, Marketing Director or a Graphic Designer, you will be sitting for a large proportion of your day.

With this in mind, it’s important that we choose an office chair that doesn’t exacerbate our problems.

Chair ergonomics have come a long way in a short space of time and there are chairs that have been specifically designed to suit the larger user.

From robust gas struts to sturdy lumbar support, it’s important our office chair suits our individual needs. Heck, we spend a large majority of our day sat in our office chair - it’s best to make it a good one.

Here’s ChairOffice’s best 3 office chairs for the larger user.

1. Colossus Heavy Duty Operator Chair


The Colossus is a giant in the workplace. A stylish yet robust everyday office chair that will comfortably support up to 28 stone in weight. 

Finished in a high quality leather, the chair back features an integral headrest and pillow-top seat providing supreme comfort. 

The seat itself is larger than a traditional office chair while the backrest features a sculptured lumbar and spine support. 

The synchronized mechanism enables you to adjust the seat and backrest simultaneously. The tension control located underneath the seat can be adjusted to suit individual body weight.

Size Specifications:

  • Seat = 59cm (Width), 51cm (Depth), 49-56cm (Height)
  • Back = 57cm (Width), 68cm (Height)
  • Width (from outside of each arm) = 80cm

2. Titan Heavy Duty Operator Chair


The Titan Heavy Duty truly reflects its name. This office chair has been specifically designed for the larger user, able to comfortably support up to 27 stone in weight.

Upholstered in a blue, charcoal or burgundy fabric, the Titan’s generously sized seat is fitted with gas height adjustment.

The steel wrap-around frame offers supreme support along with the five star base to ensure well rounded stability.

Designed to last, the Titan will not let you down.

Size Specifications:

  • Seat = 57cm (Width), 51cm (Depth), 49-56cm (Height)
  • Back = 57cm (Width), 59cm (Height)

3. Goliath Heavy Duty Operator Chair


With exceptionally high quality leather, the Goliath Heavy Duty office chair provides ultimate luxury and comfort while not compromising on support for the body.

The chair features a sculpted lumbar and gradual waterfall seat when enables you to sit for prolonged periods with excellent spine and posture support.

Tailor how your chair performs with a synchronised mechanism that allows the user to adjust the seat and backrest while using the tension control to adjust to your personal body weight (up to 25 stone in comfortable support).

Size Specifications:

  • Seat = 57cm (Width), 51cm (Depth), 43-50cm (Height)
  • Back = 57cm (Width), 68cm (Height)

If you require more information on these chairs, don’t hesitate to call our helpful sales team on 01234 834693.

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