How To Assemble Your Office Chair

While your order will always arrive with office chair assembly instructions, we wanted to put together a step-by-step guide on how to assemble an office chair on our blog to help alleviate any confusion you may come across. 

This chair is one of our mesh chairs, so some parts may differ in size and style from the chair you have ordered. We chose this chair because it requires more assembly than most of our other chairs, and acts as a good guide/example to show how easy office chair assembly can be.

1.) Unpack all items and lay them out, as you can see there isn’t much to it.

2.) Take the casters and push them into the 5 star base

3.) Place gas strut cover over gas strut

4.) Place the gas strut into 5 star base, it has a tapered fit - So when will become tighter once the chair is sat on.

5.) Fit chair back onto mechanism, it just slides in as shown below. The image below shows the chair back being held upside down to make it easier to slide onto the main chair mech (Mechanism). Bolt it together using the bolts supplied (Only 3 needed in example shown below)

6.) Now place the main chair mechanism (with the chair back attached) onto underside of seat, aligning the 4 bolt holes in the underside of the seat. Then bolt the mech, onto the seat as shown below.

7.) Slide the small paddle handles onto the silver levers sticking out of either side of the chair mech (You can see the silver paddle levers above)

8.) Attach armrests to underside of the chair, just slide them into the side and then turn the hand screw to tighten them up

9.) Place the chair onto the gas strut & 5 star base securely

10.) Lastly attach the headrest, and you're done

Simple as that! Most of our chairs are actually easier than this to assemble. But if you still don't want to assemble them yourself, then give us a call and we'll assemble them for you!

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