Boosting Productivity With Your Office Chair

Working in a sedentary job, it is vital to have an office chair that fully supports you in all the right places and prevents you from slouching which causes back problems. Having the right office chair can also boost your productivity, allowing you to get more work done in less time, which in turn leaves you more time to catch up on other tasks, take more small breaks or simply chat to a colleague about weekend plans.


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The majority of office spaces today tend towards an open plan design with workers all in the same large room together, or if not then a series of partitioned cubicles with corridors in between. Being able to move around your office space quickly and easily increases your productivity. Chairs that swivel allow you to turn and confer with a co-worker easily; chairs with wheels ease your passage to the next desk. Sometimes a stressful day can leave you in need of a little rest and relaxation time – in an environment where it can be frowned upon to take unscheduled breaks, simply being able to recline a little in your chair and perform some breathing exercises can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next problem.


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Active Sitting

Many ergonomic office chairs today promote active sitting. This is where the seat itself forces you to keep gently using core muscles, preventing them from becoming tired or stiff. Staying active physically will also encourage you to stay active mentally, and there is of course no chance of drifting off to sleep in your chair. Exercise balls keep your thigh, back and buttock muscles in a constant state of alertness and prevent you from slouching. Saddle seats and stools that require you to perch slightly higher than you may be used to keep you in a state of alertness that might otherwise elude you in a chair more designed to allow slumping.


Ergonomic seating image FULKRUM Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair


Being able to adjust your office chair is important, not only in terms of getting it set up correctly but also for those times when different situations call for different positions. For example, you may wish to sit in one position at your computer, but arrange yourself differently in a board meeting. Having a chair that can be manually adjusted is one solution. There are also chairs available nowadays that are made of materials that naturally adjust themselves to your shape whilst retaining the necessary support structure. If your chair works for you, you spend less time fiddling with it and more time writing up reports.


Chair seating position image courtesy of joelogon via Flickr creative commons

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