The World’s Largest Office Chair, Now an American Roadside Attraction

The Miller’s Office Supply in Anniston, Alabama are responsible for this gigantic office chair. The owner Leonard “Sonny” Miller wanted his furniture shop to be the centre of attention, which inspired the idea of building the world’s largest office chair.

How much business the huge chair generated is unknown, but Sonny’s chair sure caused a stir and was recognised by the Guinness World Records for being the World’s Largest Chair in 1982.

Surprisingly, Miller’s Office Supply moved to a different location in Anniston and the chair grew old and weathered. Thankfully for many photo opportunists, Sonny moved his business back to the original site, and added a new lick of paint to his creation.

clip_image002(Image via Flickr)

The chair currently sports a sign strapped around the leg with its claim to fame as the World’s Largest Office Chair written on the front. Many Alabama residents consider the chair as an American roadside attraction and has received great attention.

The chair itself has been through some tough times, with its creator moving location and unable to follow him due to being anchored in 15 tons of cement. In hindsight, being anchored to the ground proved to sustain the life of the chair. A violent storm blew through Anniston in July 2012, and the chair stood firm. The same cannot be said for Sonny’s store as the roof was ripped off during the gale.

Chair Facts:

Year Built: 1981
Material: Steel
Height: 31 feet
Length: 21 feet
Width: 19 feet 7 inches (at seat), 21 feet (at seat)
Weight: 20,000 pounds
Designed by: Jim Gordon
Built by: Anniston Steel Plumbing

Residents of Anniston, Alabama like to use the space underneath the office chair as a parking space to provide shade from the sun’s rays during hot days.

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