Curve Study Booth

Curve Study Booth

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The Majority of workspace is still dedicated to independent working.

Providing privacy and a space to work for their staff is paramount for most employers.

Improving individual spaces with contemporary design, including warmth, colour and a calming place to focus is becoming more important.

Sounds reduction is demanded to aid concentration and reduce disruption, in turn helping to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Ensuring these individual spaces are flexible in there design, to incorporate short term desking needs (hot desking) is also crucial.

Nautilus can fulfil all of these requirements using a variety of three product solution types, solo, team and wall.

Can be manufactured to any shape or size allowing you to full adaptability.

Manufactured from five standardised pieces allows you to re-configurability for future use.

Acoustically tested and rated at 30dB noise reduction with internal layer of sound absorbing foam.

Panels and lids can be fitted with a range of lighting solutions to enhance working areas.

A range of power and charge solutions can be added, all cabling is hidden within the product and terminates at floor level.

Provides a 5 year warranty.