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Shop the full range of ChairOffice Gaming Desks all with FREE UK DELIVERY! Whether you have a hardcore gaming PC or just a standard gaming console. Our fantastic range of budget gaming computer desks have something for everyone.

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Level Up Your Skills With a Gaming Chair

Level up your gaming experience with a fully ergonomic gaming chair. These office gaming chairs have been designed with style and comfort in mind, for those long play sessions. Our gaming chairs share some characteristics with typical office chairs but focus on some slightly different priorities.

Modelled on the bucket seat of a racing car, these gaming chairs allow you to lean into them and get support across your whole back, neck and head due to their high backs and on some models with the help of an adjustable headrest.

While the upright position is ideal for PC gamers who are locked in at their gaming desks, the adjustable back rest allows players to sit back in a more relaxed position should you choose to be using a controller while gaming instead.

These gaming chairs can also double up as a comfortable traditional office chair for those who work desk jobs. 

So whether you’re a PC gamer, a PlayStation fan or an Xbox user, an ergonomic gaming chair is the ideal way to take your gaming immersion to the next level.

Hardcore gamers will understand the importance of ergonomic office chairs and what they can do to help you perform at your very best for those extended play sessions.

Adjust and establish your perfect gaming position that is tailored to you and your body for maximum comfort and support. Each gaming chair is built with a selection of customisable features that makes them ideal for min-maxing your gaming experience.

Features that our gaming chairs support:

High Backs - A high chair back is an essential part of any gaming chair. The high back gives full support to your upper back, neck and head, enabling you to sit more comfortably for extended periods while gaming. High backs are extremely important for tall people as more traditional office chairs may not be capable of adequately supporting them.

Headrest - Whether built into the back itself or implemented in the form of an adjustable neck/head pillow, the head rest allows you to relax your head, neck and shoulders by providing that extra comfort and support.

Backrest Recline - The recline function along with the locking mechanism can help support the natural spine position of the user. Controller players will be the main beneficiaries of this feature as they can recline while still using their controller to play. Using this feature throughout the day can help break up the pressure put on the lower spine that sitting facilitates by taking some of the weight off your spinal disks and lower back muscles.

Armrests - Whether this be from fixed armrests or adjustable ones, the armrests of your gaming chair will help reduce the tension of the upper body and help the shoulders to relax more while gaming. Gaming in some scenarios can be intense, and this relieved tension can help you loosen up for those long gaming sessions. Some of our gaming chair models also feature adjustable armrests which lets the user tailor the height and/or width of the armrests to suit the person sitting in the gaming chair for a more personalised experience.

So whether you’re an avid hardcore gamer or more of a casual, every type of gamer can benefit from the ergonomics of a gaming chair.

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