Operator Chairs

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Operator Chairs/Task Chairs

Operator chairs (or task chairs, as they are sometimes referred to) tend to be the more basic type of office chair. They come in a huge range of styles and materials (mesh, fabric & leather) and usually come with a medium-sized backrest.

The fact these chairs are considered the entry-level into the office chair world, they do come with a cheaper price. Added to the fact a lot of our operator chairs come with up to 60% off retail prices, we’re sure you’ll find the right chair for you and your budget.

Despite the lower prices, our operator chairs do come with a vast array of adjustable features to help get you the comfort and support you desire.

  • Adjustable Arms
  • Adjustable Lumbar
  • Folding Arms
  • Headrest
  • High Back
  • Knee Tilt
  • Seat Slide

Above are some of the features which you may find on our operator office chairs. These features are designed with comfort in mind so you can work for extended periods of time before getting fatigued.

A large section of our operator models come with next day delivery. Couple this with our fast free UK delivery on every product, and we are sure you’ll find the right operator chair just for you.

Not sure what operator chair is best for you? Call our friendly customer team on 01234 834693 and they can offer advice tailored to your specific needs.