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A staple of any office space is an office desk. Our large range of office desks has been hand-selected to meet a huge range of needs.

We understand the importance of a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workspace, and that all starts with an office desk.

What Desk Shapes Are Available?

Rectangular - Rectangular, or straight-edged office desks are the cornerstone of any office space. They are the ‘go-to’ shape for many offices as they can easily be positioned to complete a row or block of desks to help facilitate teamwork and collaboration.

Corner - Corner or sometimes called L-shaped desks are also a popular choice. They can fit snugly within a corner of a room, or be positioned in a 4 person block. They are ideal for those using multiple monitors or need to spread out their work and peripherals.

Wave - Wave office desks are similar to rectangular desks but feature a slight curve in the side you sit at, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing office desk, and a focal point to place your peripherals.

What Office Desk Features Are Available?

Cantilever - The vast majority of our office desks feature two types of office desk ends. The first is a cantilever leg. A cantilever leg is an open looking metal frame, with a colour that compliments the office desk wooden finish. 

Panel End - The second desk end is called a panel end. This desk end is a solid side that matches the office desk surface and allows for such things as computer towers and cables to be hidden a little more discreetly. 

Cable Ports - Most of our office desks also come with easy open and close cable ports to help you tidy away any computer cables.

Pedestal Combo - Some of our office desks come as part of an office desk and pedestal combo. Choose between models that feature a fixed or a mobile pedestal which will help you sort and organise your workstation.

What Office Desk Finishes/Colours Are Available?

We all have different tastes. Some prefer a more contemporary look such as “White” while others prefer a deep sophisticated aesthetic such as “Dark Walnut”. With this in mind, we offer a whole range of office desk finishes to help get you the perfect office desk for your workspace. These finishes include; Beech, Birch, Black, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Grey Oak, Light Oak, Maple and White.