Posture Logic Operators Chair
Seat slide. Height adjustable backrest. Adjustable arms. 5 Year Guarantee

Posture Logic Operators Chair Heavy Duty

Price: £241.67

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The Posture Logic is an intelligently designed office chair and is made to suit any user size. Backed with a 5 year guarantee and tested to 28 stones makes the Posture Logic a one chair fits all model.

The positioning of the backrest in relation to the seat has the effect of minimising initial seat depth for the smaller height user. By extending the seat depth by up to 75mm and extending the back rest height creates a chair that will suit a user height of up to 6’6’’ tall.

The seat mechanism not only benefits from the seat slide but also has an adjustable seat tilt angle as well as a flexible front to the seat. The combination of both can lead to increased core muscle activity which enables sections of the lower spine to be set in motion. This in turn creates a positive effect in promoting healthy, dynamic seating.

Available in a large range of different fabric colours give the ultimate choice of being able to order exactly a chair that not only suits your needs in colour but also in comfort.

Size Specifications

Seat = 490mm (W), 470-545mm (D), 470-570mm (H)
Back = 480mm (W), 560mm (H)

Delivery Information

This product is free delivery and will arrive part assembled in 3-10 working days.