The 10 Types Of Office Sitter

Have you ever noticed within your place of work that people tend to sit in all manner of positions? Some might say we adopt such positions based on our personality.  We at ChairOffice have decided to put a humorous spin on this and present to you, The 10 Types of Office Sitter Infographic. Can you relate to any of the sitting positions below? 

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Infographic Transcript: The 10 Types of Offer Sitter

  1. The Hunchback - Never wanting to be disturbed by anyone, the hunchback encloses himself to stay away from social situations. Best friend: No one.
  2. The Cool Dude - Emitting positive vibes around the office, often seen with his chair back to front to further maintain his ‘cool dude’ status. Best friend: Themselves.
  3. The Fidget - The fidget finds it very hard to sit still for long periods of time, annoying her co-workers in the process. Best friend: The Edge of The Seater.
  4. The Sleeper - Time after time, the sleeper forgets what time of day it is and chooses to grab a ‘quick’ one hour nap. Best friend: The Hunchback.
  5. The Workaholic - Often seen in the office doing all-nighters, the workaholic only arises from his chair when nature calls. Best friend: The Boss.
  6. The Socialist - The Socialist is a social butterfly, bouncing from one conversation to another with the help from her chair wheels. Best friend: The Cool Dude.
  7. The Fitness Freak - The Fitness Freak often snubs his nose at the more traditional chairs and opts for an exercise ball. Best Friend: Average Joe.
  8. The Edge of the Seater - Keen to never miss out on anything in the office, The Edge of the Seater adopts this position for any access to activities within the workplace. Best Friend: The Socialist.
  9. Average Joe - Option for the most standard of office chairs. Best friend: Everyone.
  10. The Boss - Sitting pretty in a large leather executive office chair, helping to survey her kingdom. Best Friend: The Workaholic.

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