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Best Mesh Office Chairs 2024


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Mesh office chairs have become hugely popular in recent years due to their unique feel and sitting experience. You will not find an office chair that can replicate the feeling of sitting on a mesh weave upholstery.

In today’s climate, many of us will be continuing to work from home and mesh office chairs have been the go-to type of office chair that many people have chosen for their home office.


Mesh is lightweight, extremely breathable (perfect for keeping you cool during the summer months), and is very easy to clean.

Mesh office chairs are so popular that it’s spawned endless options for us to choose from, giving some people a headache when it comes to choosing the right mesh office chair for them.

That’s why we at ChairOffice have devised a list of the very best mesh office chairs we supply for 2024.

Paris Mesh Ergonomic Chair

Manufactured in the UK, the Paris Mesh Ergonomic Chair features a deeply padded fabric seat and a medium-wide mesh back.

The mesh back has been specifically designed to give you contoured support throughout the length of your spine.

Personalise this office chair to your liking with back height, seat height, arm height and knee tilt adjustments readily available at a moment's notice.

The quality airflow mesh will help keep you cooler during the hotter summer months.

Sit in comfort knowing that the heavy duty gas lift strut has been weight tested up to 23 stone.

Buy in confidence with a 5 year guarantee in place and choose from 9 eye-popping fabric seat colours.

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Chachi Ergonomic Chair

The Chachi is a titan among its mesh chair peers. It's adjustable sprung pronounced lumbar support offers the ability to tailor its position to that of the user, making it extremely comfortable.

Both the lumbar and upper back support are independent of each other, allowing for a more fluid seating position and encourages more airflow to help keep you cool.

The synchronized tilt mechanism can be locked into any position along its axis and the armrests can be tailored to suit your height needs.

The independent headrest can also be tilted to ensure your neck and head are fully supported.

The Chachi comes with a 5-year component guarantee and has been specifically designed to withstand intensive 24-hour use.

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Ergo Click Fabric Seat With Headrest

The Ergo Click is a game-changer within the mesh office chair industry. This strikingly beautiful office chair offers excellent posture control with the use of its ingenious fly-wire technology, enabling the user to adjust the chair using the hand controls on the armrests.

The deeply padded seat offers a sumptuous sitting experience and the wide mesh backrest and headrest enable easy airflow to help keep you cool during those hot summer months.

The seat is fitted with an easy-to-use seat slide so users with longer legs can adjust the seat depth to suit their needs.

This ergonomic giant within the office space also has a fully reclining mechanism with tension controls.

The Ergo Click is built to last and has been specifically designed for intensive 24-hour use and comes with a 5-year component guarantee.

For a visual overview of the Ergo Click, be sure to watch our video below.

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Ergo Fix Mesh High Back Office Chair

Our Ergo Fix Mesh High Back Office Chair has been approved by a UK Chiropractor, ergonomically designed to give you the support you need for the entire day.

Adjust its high mesh back independently, ideal for taller users. The built-in lumbar support and height-adjustable headrest help tailor the chair's support to your body and the recline function can be locked into any position.

The deeply padded seat (which is available in 9 eye-catching colours) features a seat-slide mechanism to help those with longer legs get more comfortable.

The heavy-duty gas lift strut has been tested up to 25 stones and the robust black steel frame and base add immense strength which is backed by our 5 year component guarantee.

For a complete demonstration of its well sought after ergonomic features, be sure to watch our video below.

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Alabama Folding Arm Mesh Office Chair

For an entry-level entrance into the world of mesh office chairs, you cannot go wrong with the Alabama Folding Arm Mesh Office Chair.

While it doesn’t quite boast all the adjustable features its competitors have, the Alabama makes up with a slick and stylish design, perfect for 5-8 hour use per day.

The synchro mechanism allows the user to recline when relaxing and lock back in an upright position when trying to maintain focus.

The back height can be independently adjusted to help suit all user sizes while the folding arms can be set up right if desired.

The highly breathable mesh back will keep you cool during the summer months. Choose from 5 stunningly eye-catching colours which will change the colour of the mesh back, the fabric seat and the fabric armrests.

Despite its price, the Alabama has been wonderfully engineered to withstand all sizes and has been specifically tested up to 25 stone in weight.

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