Best Office Chairs for Tall People 2024

Being tall often has its advantages, but when it comes to buying office chairs, sometimes it can be a struggle.

We at ChairOffice understand this frustration and we're here to help. You may have found yourself awkwardly sitting on an office chair clearly not intended for your height. Your knees flexed and a large portion of your thighs are exposed past the front edge of your seat.

Not only does this look awkward, but prolonged improper use of an office chair can have lasting effects on our health. Ergonomic office chairs for tall people have been specifically designed to allow us to tailor their position to better suit our unique body compositions.

Without the features of ergonomic office chairs, we will no doubt succumb to poor posture, back pain, and a loss in productivity. Sitting properly at a computer may sound trivial but you'd be surprised as to how many people fail to do so.

In this guide, we will aim to help you properly choose an office chair specifically designed for tall people that best suits your body. We will offer guidelines for recommended seat height and depth so you can make an informed decision.

How Tall is Tall?

Before we go any further, we must establish how tall is tall.

We all have different answers when it comes to this question, so for the purpose of this guide, we wanted to define it ourselves relative to office chairs.

The average height for a man in the UK is 5'9'' and for a woman, it's 5'3''. The world, at large, has been designed roughly around these heights. The majority of people can get by without a thought about being too short or too tall.

But for those people who are considered tall, some activities or products are just not that inclusive. You have to go out of your way to find something that suits your larger size.

With all this in mind, if you yourself are 6 foot and above, you've made the cut in regards to this article being helpful for you.

Measurements to Consider for Tall People

There are a few measurements to consider when planning to buy a new office chair. We're all different shapes and sizes and it can be hard for taller than average people to find something that suits their body type.

Maximum Seat Height (Measurement 1)

Tall people will often find that an office chair not specifically bought for them will have inadequate seat height adjustment. This forces you to flex your knees or extend your legs while seated to try and get comfortable.

This sitting position can put strain on your lower back, thighs and hips and can ultimately cause discomfort and pain over long periods of sitting.

The ideal seat height will allow your knees to sit comfortably at a 90 degree angle.

Measuring from your knees to the bottom of your feet will give you an idea of what height adjustment to look for in an ergonomic office chair.

Seat Height to Person Height

Alternatively, you can use your own height (most people already know this) to determine what the maximum seat height of an office chair is you personally need.

Our experience over the years of selling office furniture has allowed us to match people of varying heights to office chairs. Below you will find a table helping you determine the maximum height of an office chair you will need.

Max User Height Max Seat Height (Imperial) Max Seat Height (Metric)
5'8'' 18'' 45.7cm
6'1'' 19'' 48.2cm
6'3'' 20'' 50.8cm
6'6'' 21'' 53.3cm
6'8'' 22'' 55.8cm
7'1'' 23'' 58.4cm
7'3'' 24'' 60.9cm

Recommended Seat Depth (Measurement 2)

Taller people tend to have longer femur bones. With this added length, a seat depth sufficient enough is required to help keep you comfortable.

We at ChairOffice recommend a seat depth of at least 18'' for tall people.

The measurement of a seat depth is from the back of the seat (where your butt will be seated) to the very front of the chair seat (which normally has a waterfall front).

Ideally you will want between 2 and 4 inches from the edge of your seat and the back of your knees. This will prevent any unwanted pressure being placed on the back of your knees.

A seat depth that is adjustable with a seat slide functionality is even better as you will be able to tailor your seat position completely to you and your body.

Recommended Backrest Height (Measurement 3)

The third and final measurement is the backrest height. Everyone's torso comes in different shapes and sizes, and you'll want a backrest that will fit the natural 'S' curve of your spine while giving your lower and upper back adequate support which will reduce the stress that could be applied to the spine and pelvis.

Office chairs with taller backrests are much more suited to taller people as they can generally accommodate larger framed people.

A height adjustable backrest is an added bonus (which like the seat slide, you can tailor the fit to your body).

Along with a taller backrest, some ergonomic office chairs are fixed with an adjustable headrest for even more support for your head, neck and shoulders.

Tall office chair

Top 5 Office Chairs For Tall People 2024

We've curated and hand selected 5 of our best office chairs for tall people so you can make more of an informed purchase decision.

Each office chair featured have tall backrests with a heavy duty gas lift strut to support larger weights. They also feature a number of ergonomic features to help tailor the support the office chair gives to your body. Explore the chairs below to find the very best office chair to suit you.

Chachi Full Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

With a sprung pronounced lumbar support, the Chachi Full Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair has been specifically designed to help you tailor its support to your body.

The synchronised tilt and reclining backrest can be locked in any position while the lower backrest support can independently move up and down to help you get the exact support you need.

Pivot the integrated headrest perfectly while adjusting the armrests to better suit your body and office furniture.

The heavy duty gas strut has been tested up to 25 stone in weight and the office chair itself has been specifically designed for intensive 24 hour use.

All of this comes with a full body mesh design, helping you stay cool and allowing air to flow while you work.

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Ergo Sit High Back Office Chair

The Ergo Sit High Back Office Chair (available in 9 stunning fabric colours) is a goliath within the workplace and has been approved by a UK chiropractic doctor.

This fully functional ergonomic office chair has been designed for intensive 24 hour use, so you can work safe in the knowledge that you are being correctly supported throughout the day.

The smooth seat height adjustable gas strut has been tested up to 27 stone in weight. The seat height ranges from 48cm to 61cm off the ground.

The easy backrest recline can be locked in any position and the seat angle adjustment will help you find the right support behind your knees.

Armrests can be tricky to fit in with the height of your office desk, but you will be able to fully adjust the height of your armrests to suit what's needed. You can also slide them forward for better elbow and wrist support.

The multi-functional padded headrest will keep your head and shoulders supported with its height and tilt functionality.

If you find your lower back not getting the support it needs, then take advantage of the Ergo Sit's pump up lumbar support function. This will inflate the lower back area of the chair to suit your natural spine curve.

And finally, you can adjust the freely independent backrest up or down to fully tailor your sitting experience to you.

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Ergo Sync Vegan Leather Office Chair

The Ergo Sync (available in 9 sumptuous vegan leather colours) is a fantastic addition to the arsenal of office chairs ideal for tall people.

The extra large bariatric seat and backrest offer substantial support for those with bigger body frames.

Tested up to 28 stone in weight, the smooth gas lift strut is comfortable with supporting larger people and you can sit safely with that knowledge.

Adjust the XL backrest at will and lock it in any position. The deeply padded XL seat has a rounded waterfall edge to help comfort the underside of the knee's while it also has an independent seat tilt to further your comfort.

The vegan leather has excellent stain resistant properties and is anti-microbial and resistant to E-Coli, Salmonella and MRSA. The surface is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or soap based cleaner.

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Metropolis High Back Leather Office Chair

Specifically designed for the taller and larger user, the Metropolis offers outstanding value for money and is one of our best selling leather executive office chairs.

The tall deeply padded backrest has been shaped to fit the natural 'S' curve of your spine. With its height, the backrest features an integrated headrest to keep your head, neck and shoulders comfortable for those long sitting sessions.

The synchronised knee-tilt mechanism will allow you to simultaneously adjust the seat and backrest to either lock in an upright position or to freely recline to your heart's content.

The torsion control knob found underneath the seat is there to be adjusted according to the weight of the user so the recline feature feels smooth.

The large fixed padded armrests have been ideally positioned to provide comfort and support to your forearms and wrists.

The Metropolis is a popular chair among gamers. With its high back and 'racer' like design, The Metropolis is a perfect gaming chair for tall people.

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The Ergo Fix Posture Office Chair

Available in 7 fantastic fabric colours the Chiropractor approved Ergo Fix Posture is a must for any tall person.

The smooth height adjustable gas lift strut, which is tested up to 25 stone in weight, easily allows you to find the perfect seat height.

The backrest recline function can be locked in any position, while you can also independently move the backrest up or down to suit your needs.

The XL padded seat comes with angle and slide functionality. Angle the seat to where you get the best support for the underside of your knee's while sliding the seat forward so your lower back is correctly supported.

As for the armrests, you can freely move these up and down, along with a slide forward function to ensure you get the best support for your arms.

The wide headrest can be extended in length as well as being tilted to find you the perfect fit.

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We hope we've made the buying process of an office chair for tall people a little easier. Should you still be on the fence about a particular office chair, or you have other questions, do not hesitate to ask us by calling 01234 834693.

Our friendly sales team will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have and can offer advice and recommendations across all our furniture ranges.

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