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Leather Upholstered Office Chairs

Here at ChairOffice we pride ourselves on being the UK’s premier online leather office chairs specialist. Our large selection of leather office chairs ranges from luxury and executive chairs to functional computer and operator chair models. We offer classic and traditional brown, cream and white leather chairs, as well as many more contemporary colours to suit your office décor, including our popular blue leather operator chairs.

An office chair’s general purpose is to provide comfort and support throughout the working day. However, a leather office chair does so much more. It provides a statement, a message. It signals the type of office environment you are creating. Colourful reds and blues offer a casual and cheerful vibe while deep dark brown’s and black’s serve as a message of professionalism and authority.

Why Choose a Leather Office Chair?


Leather chairs tend to be deeply padded (from seat to back) and are smooth on the touch. If used regularly, the leather will mould to the shape of your body, giving fantastic comfort.

Easy To Clean

The ease of cleaning a leather office chair offers a huge advantage of its counterparts. Drinking and eating at our office desks is a common occurrence and with that leads to the more likelihood of stains on our office chair. But with leather office chairs all you have to do is just wipe it off. It’s that simple. Often fabric and mesh chairs will leave a stain, but leather office chairs are a lot more resistant.


Fabric, plastic and even mesh chairs often come with a more affordable price while leather office chairs tend to take up the premium price mantle. But with this more premium price comes longevity. Leather office chairs tend to last much longer than fabric office chairs and can be seen as a long term investment. 


We’ve got something in our range to suit all budgets, including cheap / discount leather chairs and office desks, as well as some spectacular savings with our current special offers. With nationwide delivery within the UK on our entire office furniture range, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for right here. Got something specific in mind? Contact us directly (01234 834693) and we’ll find just the chair or desk for you.

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