The 3 Best Office Chairs For The Larger User - 06 April 2017

There is no doubt about it. People are getting larger. Industrialisation and modernisation of our daily lives has played a huge factor in the increase of weight from person to person. Many of us live sedentary lives (20 million people in the UK are physically inactive) and this is highly influenced by the way we work. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods is just what some of us have to do. Desk jobs require us to

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15 Top Tips For Improving Productivity In The Office - 07 February 2017

We are only given so many hours in a day, and utilising them to their fullest extent is what we should all strive for, especially in the office. Many people pride themselves on how many hours they put in the office, while others simply work smarter with their given time. As the age old saying goes, “quality over quantity”. With this in mind, here are 15 fantastic tips to help you improve your productivity within

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The Failure of Success: Famous Edition (Infographic) - 16 August 2016

Success generally doesn't come without failure first, and this is no different for those who made huge fortunes. The success of the likes of Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington and Walt Disney have been talked about countless times and rightly so. What they have achieved within their respected industries is truly astonishing, but it's their failures which helped them along the way which tells the true story. Take a look at the following 8 famous entrepreneurs

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10 of Google’s Best Offices From Around the World - 20 April 2016

Many of us that work in standard office environments dream of office spaces that are full to the brim with vibrant colours, playful seating areas and kitchens to die for.  For some people however, those dreams are a reality. Google, unsurprisingly, have the resources to create some of the best looking office environments employees could wish for.  This has not always been the case for Google though. Back in 2005 when Clive Wilkinson (the architect

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20 Perfect Chrome Extensions for your Office Computer - 21 January 2016

Google Chrome has been one of the big players in the ‘internet browser wars’ for many years now with their overall market share continuing to grow year on year. With the introduction of Microsoft Edge (Window 10’s new internet browser) last year, many people are yet to jump ship and call Edge ‘home’ with this partly due to the fact that Microsoft Edge still doesn’t support browser extensions. Google Chrome Extensions were officially launched on

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Buyer's Guide: What Type of Office Chair is Best for You? - 14 October 2015

Choosing an office chair may seem like a simple task, but when you really think about it, a lot of factors come into play and can affect your decision drastically.  From the average duration you spend sitting down per day, to the climate of the country you’re in, these variables can and should affect your decision when it comes to picking out a new office chair. Many of us don’t pay attention to the state

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The Best Perks of the Job (Infographic) - 21 September 2015

Employers can face a struggle to attract and retain a diverse range of special talent. Heads can easily be turned if an employee doesn’t feel valued within a company. Many studies have noted that a high satisfaction rate related to employee benefits can go a long way to increasing loyalty and happiness within the work force. While large companies have the financial backing to provide lucrative benefits that help retention rates, small companies should still

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Win the Revo! Free Office Chair Competition - 24 August 2015

**THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED** Today’s your lucky day! We’re offering you the chance to win a top of the range office chair that has a RRP of £495.00. The Revo office chair has a stunning ‘egg’ shaped contemporary design that will surely attract attention. To Enter, simply submit your name and email in the submission box below. The competition will run from 24th to 30th August 2015. The winner will be emailed on 1st

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I Used a Kneeling Chair for a Week & Here's What Happened - 22 June 2015

We had a kneeling chair delivered to the ChairOffice HQ a few months ago (as a new product sample), and we all had great fun testing it out and figuring out how it worked. However, once the novelty wore off (and the boss suggested we all get back to work) we all retired to our traditional office chairs, and the kneeling chair was left in the corner, only to be used as a foot support

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Office Design Wars - Which Style Is Truly The Best? - 26 May 2015

When it comes to office design there is no ‘one size fits all’. As an employee, we all have different needs and different wants. But as with most jobs, we rarely have the power to change up our office dynamic and we often have to either ride it out or find another job with an office environment more suitable to our preferences.  It is said that the most desirable elements of an office space are

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15 Ways To Uniquely Decorate Your Office Desk - 29 April 2015

For many of us who work in an office, the majority of our week will be spent on the job. The office becomes a second home since we spend so much time there. Unfortunately, with all this time spent at the office, day to day life can become quite mundane and predictable. While many of us may not have the power or authority to assert such a drastic change in our work load to day

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Which is Better? Working at the Office or Working from Home? - 24 March 2015

In 2013, a memo from Yahoo’s Human Resources department was sent all Yahoo employees, banning remote working; “Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings”. Virgin’s Richard Branson, however, was quick to voice his disagreement with Yahoo’s actions, calling it a “backwards step in an age when remote working is easier and more effective than ever.” And a year later, in 2014, the

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Office Etiquette - What Not to do in the Workplace - 26 February 2015

Office culture across the country tends to be very similar from company to company. For people whose lives revolve around office life, we know that an unhappy office can be very destructive and demotivating environment to work in. While we all have our individual quirks and things that make our blood-boil, there are triggers that universally create a hostile atmosphere within any workplace. Co-workers may not always realise what they are doing is actually disrupting

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Bad Day at the Office? 20 Quotes to Motivate You - 13 January 2015

Everyone needs some motivation once in a while. Bookmark this page, and when you (or a colleague) are in need of a little motivation, #BeInspired by this list of encouraging quotes. 1. It’s easy to disregard something that seems difficult as ‘impossible’, but remember that everyone starts at the beginning. It might seem impossible now, but if you practice, work hard and face the challenge head-on, you may find that it’s not actually ‘impossible’ at

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10 Healthy Office Lunch Ideas (Infographic) - 07 November 2014

Working a 9-5 office job can leave you playing out the same routine, day in day out. This also affects your lunch time with many of us opting for the easier option of grabbing something quick (and more often than not, something unhealthy). Eating healthily at lunch unfortunately is often associated with negative connotations such as too time consuming and costs too much money. But with the right know-how and plan of action, you too

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