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Caring for Your Leather Office Chair - 26 April 2011

If you’re thinking of purchasing one of our leather office chairs, then you’ll probably find our 5 care and maintenance tips for your leather office chair quite useful! Even if you’re purchasing a faux leather office chair, exercising these simple techniques will help to retain the ‘as new’ appearance of the chair, and prolong its life in tip-top condition. 5 Quick Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Leather Office Chair 1. Keep it away from

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Orthopaedic Chairs - A Worthy Investment - 18 April 2011

We know that healthy worker is a happy worker... and a happy worker makes for a much more productive worker. But with almost two thirds of us computer worker types not working in a completely comfortable environment – think eye strain, back pain and sore muscles at the end of a working day – it seems as though the majority of our nation’s desk-bound work force need assistance in the comfort department. But it needn’t

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New Season, New Office Desk Product! - 12 April 2011

Here at Chair Office HQ, spring has definitely sprung. So to celebrate the beginning of a new season of sunshine, we’ve made a stunning addition to our office desk collection – the Lucido bench desk range. The Lucido bench desk is the latest cost-efficient innovation that we have on offer. Despite the clean lines and cool, minimalist styling, the Lucido is actually a modular desking system with an integrated cable management beam – a perfect

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Chair Office Introduces New Range of Endorsed Ergonomic Chairs - 12 April 2011

It’s estimated that around 90% of modern jobs now involve prolonged periods of sitting at a desk in front of a computer. But it’s also estimated that up to 60% of computer operators could actually benefit from adjustments to their working environments to help reduce the risk of musculo-skeletal aches and pains, tired eyes, headaches, and RSI injuries that arise as a result of extensive periods at the computer. This is why the Government has

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