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Fast Food Seating Summer Holiday Rush! - 31 May 2011

With the summer holidays upon us in a matter of weeks, we’re getting ready for the seasonal rush on our fast food seating range. With roadside cafes, restaurants, beach-side snack venues and all manner of specialist eateries across the nation gearing up for Britain’s tourist peak season, it’s not surprising that orders are already starting to pick up above and beyond the typical monthly norm. In particular, our Bistro wooden table and complementary Bistro deluxe

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Introducing the Enterprise Revolutionary Office Chair - 24 May 2011

The latest addition to our Ergonomic Office Chair range is the Enterprise Revolutionary Office Chair. Priced at just £279 (ex VAT, RRP £399), this is one ultra-modern ergonomic office chair that wouldn’t look out of place aboard Jean-Luc Picard’s galaxy class Federation starship! Not only does the Enterprise Revolutionary office chair bring a dash of chic styling to your office setup, but it also delivers on the comfort front, featuring a number of adjustable mechanisms

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Home Workstations for Exam Study at Home - 04 May 2011

Exams are looming – but it’s not too late to help your children revise in peace and quiet with the addition of a home workstation in their bedroom. Here at Chair Office, we have a wide selection of compact but practical home workstations designed to maximise work space in smaller or medium sized bedrooms, student houses or halls of residence. The ‘Cheap Computer Workstation’ is named thus for good reason – at just £62.99 it

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