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Looking for office chairs with back support? Our range of ergonomic chairs offers unrivalled adjustability, great for lower back support and dealing with lower back pain.

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Sammie Mesh High Back Office Chair Grey Seat

Sammie Mesh High Back Office Chair

5 Year Guarantee. 3-Lever Ergo Mechanism. Infintely Locking Seat & Backrest Positions. Height, Width, Depth & Twist Adjustable Arms. Mesh backrest With Adjustable Lumbar Panel
£ 256 .48
RRP £506.48
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Multiple Colours
High Back Grey Office Chair - Posture Comfort

Posture Comfort

5 Year Warranty. 3-Lever Heavy Duty Posture Mechanism. Bodyweight Tension Control. Independent seat and back angle adjustments. Infintely locking seat and backrest positions
£ 272 .08
RRP £388.52
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Ergo Twist Mesh with Headrest

Ergo Twist Mesh with Headrest

Mesh seat and backrest. Ergonomic posture with seat slide. Free Delivery. 5 year Warranty
£ 273 .13
Free Delivery Delivery will be 1 to 3 Days
Invictus Bariatric Chair

Invictus Bariatric Chair

5 Year Guarantee. Suits Larger User & Heavy Duty Usage. Independent Seat And Back Angle Adjustments. Infintely Locking Reclined Backrest Positions. Seat Height & Tilt Adjustment
£ 284 .34
RRP £358.27
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Multiple Colours
Posture Logic - Black

Posture Logic

5 Year Guarantee. Seat slide. Height adjustable backrest. Adjustable arms
£ 295 .96
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Multiple Colours
Posture Mesh Operator Chair - Black

Posture Mesh Operator Chair

5 Year guarantee. Seat slide and seat tilt as standard. Ratchet height adjustable backrest. Height adjustable armrests
£ 311 .54
RRP £311.54
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Multiple Colours
Regent Mesh Office Chair - Black

Regent Mesh Office Chair

Seat tilt tension with height adjustable lumbar support. Independent back and seat angle adjustment. Full Mesh backrest with integral lumbar support. Brushed aluminium 5 star base with Chrome
£ 322 .79
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Shadow Mesh Office Chair

Shadow Mesh Office Chair

Large seat and backrest. Height and depth adjustable lumbar support. Synchro tilt multi lock mechanism with ergonomic Seat Slide. Fully adjustable armrests with pivoting soft pads
£ 467 .60
Free Delivery Delivery will be 1 to 3 Days

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Ergonomic Chairs Explained

If you’re one of the many people in the UK who have fallen victim to a back complaint, perhaps it’s time to invest in one of our ergonomic office chairs. Whatever your shape, size or budget, our supportive and adjustable ergonomic chairs have been constructed with you and your comfort in mind.

Be spoilt for choice by our extensive range, from our ergonomic kneeling chairs to our ever-popular Cobham ergonomic mesh office chair. Or why not go that extra step further and turn business into pleasure by indulging in a Chiro Plus Fabric Ergonomic Office Chair. With fast delivery throughout the UK, make working in an office a painless and productive experience with ChairOffice.

Ergonomic Chairs Offer Great Back Support

“Ergonomics” is a scientific discipline about understanding the interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and in our case, that is office chairs.

The science-based discipline brings together knowledge from lots of other subjects such as physiology, psychology, engineering and statistics. When put together, we can then build the ultimate office chair that benefits you in more ways than you can think of.

Every aspect of the human body is taken into consideration when building an ergonomic office chair, with the main aspects being posture, comfort, lumbar & neck support and health.

Not every human body is the same and this is reflected in the design process of all our ergonomic chairs. We have a vast range of office chairs to suit every body shape and size. And to top all that off, each chair offers a number of customizable features to fully tailor your chair to the correct support you need.

Let’s drill down into the specifics when it comes to ergonomic office chair features.

Seat Height - It’s become the norm that an office chair has seat height adjustment - and for good reason too. We’re all different in height and it’s very important that our office chair can be adjusted to meet our needs. The optimal seat height should allow our feet to be placed flat on the floor. All our ergonomic chairs feature an easy to use gas-lift strut and you should consult the chair’s description for weight tolerances. 

Seat Pan Depth - Not normally a feature that’s thought of but seat pan depth is very useful in ergonomic chairs. Adjusting the depth of your chair’s seat will determine how much support your thighs receive. Typically, 2-4 inches should be between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat. If your seat is too far forward, it may put too much pressure on the back of your knees.

Backrest Height - The backrest height is used to help match the natural curve of your spine. We’re all different, and so is the natural curve of our spines. Adjust to suit your own comfort.

Swivel Base - The swivel base is a basic feature, but one that should be ignored in terms of importance. An easy to manoeuvre swivel enables us to reach different points of our desks without having to strain excessively.

Back Angle - The backrest recline is a great feature that should be used throughout the day to help relieve some pressure from our upper body. Sitting all day puts a lot of pressure on our spinal discs and back muscles. Using the recline feature helps the body not become so fatigued.

Seat Tilt - Correct positioning of the seat is of great importance and a seat tilt can go a long way to achieving this. Keep in mind of maintaining a neutral position when sitting with an 80-degree angle at the ankles, knees and hips.

Arm Support - Armrests are very useful in helping reduce the tension in the upper body and enabling the shoulders to relax. Adjust the width and height of your armrests to your own personal preference and try to avoid using the armrests while typing to help reduce the impact on your wrists. Static arms while moving will inevitably result in more unwanted movement in your wrists which can lead to a repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Lumbar Support - Adequate lumbar support helps reduce stress on the spine and pelvis and ultimately helps prevent us from slumping. Lumbar support is essential to ergonomic office chairs and many come with either a pump or rotating cog that can be used to move the support to suit you specifically.

Headrest - Not every ergonomic chair has a headrest as it’s down to personal preference, but they do help support the back of the head and upper neck, reducing tension in the shoulders and even the upper torso. Many headrests can be adjusted in height and tilt to suit you.

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