Best 6 Leather Office Chairs For 2024

Leather office chairs come in all shapes and sizes and have been a staple in offices across the country for years. The high-end executive feel that leather office chairs bring can create a great first impression on potential new clients.

Our leather office chair range is made from ‘bonded leather’. Not only does this help keep costs down, but bonded leather is a fantastic material choice that is comfortable, easy to clean and has the ability to be upholstered in an array of colours.

The Best Leather Office Chairs For 2024

Explore our recommendations for the Best Leather Chairs For 2024. Use the links below.

Do read our guide on what is bonded leather and how to take care of it to help you in your purchasing decision making.

Our range of leather office chairs is quite extensive. While we pride ourselves on providing the very best office chairs for all situations, sometimes a product category can be quite daunting to look at. What leather office chair is best for me and my situation?

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to help solve this issue by providing our very own guide to our best office chairs for a particular category.

We’ve already written a few guides on our other chair categories which you can find here:

The time has come to do the same for our leather office chairs. Below you will find a list of 6 of our best leather office chairs we have to offer. Find top-end market office chairs, traditional style office chairs and even entry-level leather office chairs to help you find the perfect leather office chair for you.

Note that all our office chairs come with fast & free delivery.

Onyx Leather Office Chair

The Onyx Leather Office Chair is the king amongst its counterparts. Approved by a UK Chiropractic doctor, the Onyx’s ergonomic features provide outstanding posture support.

The backrest is fully adjustable in height and is fitted with an easy to use adjustable lumbar pump to improve cushioning of the lower back.

Mounted on top of the S-shaped backrest is an adjustable headrest to help provide optimal neck and spinal support. The headrest is detachable should you wish to use the office chair without it.

The multi-functional arms come with height and pivot adjustments to ensure you can tailor the office chair to your shape and size.

Tilt and lower the seat to ensure that your feet are planted firmly on the ground when sitting for optimal comfort and support.

Suitable for all-day use, the Onyx comes with a 5-year guarantee so you can buy safe in the knowledge that this chair is built to last.

Chiro Plus Executive Chair

A popular office chair among the ChairOffice employees. We use the Chiro Plus Fabric version in our office on a daily basis. Functionally, it’s exactly the same as our bonded leather version.

It has all the bells and whistles when it comes to ergonomics. Approved by a UK chiropractic doctor, the Chiro Plus is suitable for people between 5 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 6 inches.

The extra-large backrest is fully height adjustable and is fitted with contoured lumbar cushioning. Onto this is mounted a fully adjustable headrest to help you get the best neck and spinal support you need for a long day’s work.

The seat slide enables you to change the depth to your liking while ensuring that support is there behind the knees. Adjust the armrests to your heart’s content which will help you align them with the height of your desk.

The design of the seat and the overall functionality of this ergonomic office chair means it’s suitable for a 24 hour working environment. Its heavy-duty gas strut has been tested up to 27 stones.

The Chiro Plus Executive Office Chair - looking after your back while you work.

Note: The video below shows the fabric model of the Chiro Plus. The features are the same on both the leather and fabric models. 

Colossus Heavy Duty Office Chair

Colossus by name, colossus by nature.

Heavy-duty and built to last. The Colossus is a giant in the workplace. Stylish and robust, featuring high quality bonded leather with an integrated padded headrest and pillow-top seat providing the ultimate in comfort and support.

Suitable for large users, the detailed stitching defines the generously proportioned seat and backrest.

Atop the steel armrests are comfortable armrests supports, while the steel frame itself runs right behind the backrest to ensure high quality and firm support.

A synchronized mechanism allows the user to simultaneously adjust the seat and the backrest while the tension control adjusts for individual body weight.
The heavy-duty pneumatic gas lift has been tested to comfortably support up to 28 stone in weight.

Available in a silver or black frame colour and also available on a free next day delivery.

Aspartan Executive Office Chair

For an entry-level model, you can’t go wrong with The Aspartan. Its heavy-duty nature means it's built to last. Tested up to 28 stone in weight, you can sit comfortably knowing it will support you.

The durable gas strut is height adjustable and the Aspartan features a fully synchronised reclining backrest with adjustable tension control. The heavier you are, the tighter you want the tension control to be.

Its decorative stitching detail offers an elegant executive feel, leaving the Aspartan to not look out of place in any office setting.

Highly rated amongst ChairOffice customers, the Aspartan is a real crowd-pleaser.

The fixed bonded leather-topped armrests will help keep you comfortable over long periods of sitting while the ease glide castors ensure you can move smoothly as and when required.

Boston Executive Office Chair

The Boston Executive Office Chair is a modern masterpiece that effortlessly combines luxury with ergonomic excellence. Sleek, stylish, and supremely comfortable, it transforms any office into a hub of productivity and sophistication.

Its high backrest is meticulously designed to follow your spine's natural curve, providing continuous support throughout your workday. The deeply padded luxury ensures that comfort is paramount, allowing you to work for extended periods without discomfort.

The 360-degree swivel base and easy-glide wheels are perfect for dynamic office environments, providing smooth mobility across any workspace. The gas strut supports up to 21 stone (136 kg) in weight, ensuring stability and durability.

With the seamless recline flexibility, you can easily transition from an upright position to a relaxed recline with a simple lever pull, adapting to your needs throughout the day. The waterfall front of the seat provides gentle support to the underside of your knees, promoting circulation and reducing pressure.

The height customisation feature ensures you can tailor the chair to your perfect ergonomic position, enhancing comfort and support. The padded loop-style arms cradle you in comfort, making long hours at your desk feel like a breeze.

A touch of class and functionality, the Boston Executive Office Chair is the perfect addition to any office setting, offering an unmatched blend of style and practicality.

Chesterfield Leather Executive Chair

A popular choice from ChairOffice customers (5-star rated), the Chesterfield is the perfect office chair for those looking for a traditional style.

Available in 4 bonded leather colours (Burgundy, Green, Brown and Cream). Featuring a highly stylish buttoned high backrest along with leather padded armrests to help keep you comfortable throughout the day.

The mahogany coloured wooden frame gives off an elegant vibe that is sure to add a touch of class to any office environment.

The gas lift seat is adjustable in height and the backrest features a reclining function with tilt tension control.

The Chesterfield is available pre-assembled if you so desire.

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