Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Looking for larger, extra wide office chairs? Heavy duty chairs perfect for the taller or heavier user? Well, look no further.

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Pluto Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair - Black

Pluto Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

5 Year Guarantee. Body Balance Synchro Mechanism. 5 Static Locking Seat & Backrest Positions. Height Adjustable Mesh Backrest With Lumbar Panel. Height & Depth Adjustable Armrests
£ 374 .15
RRP £460.90
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Selby Mesh Office Chair

Selby Mesh Office Chair

Weight Tested To 160kg. Deeply Padded Seat. Breathable Mesh Backrest. Wind Up Weight Tension Control. Quick & Free Delivery
£ 89 .18
RRP £101.93
Free Delivery Delivery will be 1 to 3 Days
Multiple Colours
Black Marham Mesh Office Chair

Marham Mesh Office Chair

Weight Tested To 150kg. 3-Paddle Control System. Breathable Mesh Backrest and Seat. Adjustable Armrests. Backrest Tilt Control
£ 139 .16
RRP £199.16
Free Delivery Delivery will be 1 to 3 Days
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Jupiter Ergonomic Office Chair

Jupiter Ergonomic Office Chair

Deeply Padded Height Adjustable Backrest. Independent Seat & Backrest Adjustment. Removable Height Adjustable Arms. Suits Larger User & Tested Up To 28 Stones. Pre-Assembly Available
£ 214 .01
RRP £482.40
Free Delivery Delivery will be 1 to 3 Days
Multiple Colours
Posture Mesh Operator Chair - Black

Posture Mesh Operator Chair

5 Year guarantee. Seat slide and seat tilt as standard. Ratchet height adjustable backrest. Height adjustable armrests
£ 311 .54
RRP £311.54
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Multiple Colours
Haddon Bariatric Chair - Black

Haddon Bariatric Chair

Large choice of seat colours. Heavy duty chair. Adjustable arms. Made to order item
£ 418 .16
Free Delivery Delivery will be 3 to 10 Days
Shadow Mesh Office Chair

Shadow Mesh Office Chair

Large seat and backrest. Height and depth adjustable lumbar support. Synchro tilt multi lock mechanism with ergonomic Seat Slide. Fully adjustable armrests with pivoting soft pads
£ 467 .60
Free Delivery Delivery will be 1 to 3 Days
Strata Office Chair

Strata Office Chair

Ergonomic High Back Executive Chair. Physio Approved For 24 Hour Usage. Reclining Backrest Which Locks In Any Position. Cold Moulded , Extra Thick Seat. Height & Depth Adjustable Lumbar Support
£ 475 .50
RRP £628.72
Free Delivery Delivery will be 1 to 3 Days

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Extra Wide Heavy Duty Office Chairs

In a busy office environment, it's important to remain comfortable and well-supported whilst you work. Our range of heavy-duty bariatric, wide seat and high back office chairs have been specially designed for the larger and heavier user (up to 32 stone / 200kg).

The wellbeing of employees should be of utmost importance for businesses and supplying office chairs that adequately support them throughout their working day should be of a high priority. 

Many employees will sit between 6-8 hours a day during official working hours and a chair can take its toll on the body should it not correctly support them.

We are all of varying sizes and our chair selection for employees should take this into consideration. While one member of the company may not require a heavy-duty office chair, another may need a specific chair tailor-made for the larger-set user.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Office Chair Features

Reinforced Mechanism - Our heavy duty office chairs are specifically built with reinforcement in mind to help withstand heavy and demanding environments. All of the functions on our bariatric office chairs have been fully tested to withstand certain weights and this will help with the general longevity of the chair also.

Wider Seat - A wider seat is a common theme within the heavy-duty chair category. Taller and heavier people tend to also be wider and in order for them to sit comfortably, a wider seat is used. This enables the chair to support the body properly, ensuring the correct amount of pressure on vital parts of the body while it’s seated, such as the lower back, the legs and the shoulders.

Arm Rests - Many of our heavy-duty bariatric office chairs feature T-shaped armrests that are fully adjustable in width and height to help accommodate the right fit for the user. 

Larger Frame - To help accommodate all the features and extra stability measures, our heavy-duty office chairs come with, generally, a larger frame. This also helps improve the lifespan of the chair so you can buy with confidence that you’ll have a reliable chair for years to come. 

Gas Lift Tested - With office chair height playing an important factor in being comfortable, it’s very important that all our heavy duty office chairs are specifically tested to withstand heavier users. Our entire range of bariatric office chairs has had their gas struts tested, with some up to 32 stone. Please see the description of each individual chair to know what weight that chair has been tested up to.

Synchro Mechanism - Dynamic synchro mechanisms are becoming more and more common within ergonomic heavy duty office chairs. This mechanism enables the chair to move both the seat and the back together helping maintain optimum support. Also included on some models is a synchro tension adjustment knob which will allow you to adjust the amount of tension required to specifically suit your body weight.

The majority of our heavy-duty chairs can be delivered pre-assembled, and many are available in multiple colours or with optional features. Please call 01234 834693 for more information, or to discuss bespoke manufacturing options.

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